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Updates continued

December 13th

Sandi will be performing this Saturday, December 15th, at Berean Christian bookstore on Margarita Road in Temecula, CA. Berean is hosting a benefit/fundraiser for Rancho Damacitas, a local youth group home. The event will start at 9 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. Sandi will sing from 4:45 to 5:30 p.m. She would love to see all of you there! For more information on the event, please contact the bookstore at 951-695-8630.

Sandi is currently having a Christmas special on her CDs: one CD for $12 (regular price $13), and 2 CDs for $20. Hurry and take advantage of this special offer, which will end December 24, 2007! 

Sandi Simon needs your votes!!! CIA Music Summit is just around the corner. It is a conference to further your music ministry and there is an awards ceremony (similar to the Dove awards and the Grammys) for independent artists. You can follow this link to vote for Sandi in the category(ies) of your choice. The number of nominations is very important. Please help Sandi out with your votes!! Once all the nominations are in (they end December 31, 2007), a panel of experts will then pick from those nominations to get the top 5 nominees in any one category. The awards will be given at the CIA Music Summit in Franklin, TN, March 26-30, 2008! 

As usual, please continue to vote for Sandi’s song on the Fan Faves chart! Currently, playing is Mercies Anew. Vote now!

Nov. 15, 2007

Friends and Family,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  It’s hard to believe it’s already time for the holidays!  It has definitely been too long since I’ve updated all of you on the happenings of the ministry. 


Since we last met, three beautiful granddaughters, Makenna, Loralei, and Zoey, have been added to the Simon clan!  Praise God they are all healthy and beautiful.  All moms, Kelly, Janee, and Stephanie, are doing well and adjusting to either being a first-time mom or managing two children instead of just one.  Makenna and Loralei both wound up at different Children’s Hospitals and had to stay a few days for observation.  Praise God all tests were negative and they are home.  Zoey made a grand entrance two weeks early and almost had to be taken by emergency c-section.  But, God was gracious and she was taken by routine c-section. 


My mom, Janie, was hospitalized for infection and is still recuperating at home from it.  Joe’s mom, Stella, suffered a heart attack and will be coming home soon to recover.  Please pray for each of our moms and for wisdom for those of us who are their caretakers!  Thank you for your prayers!


Exciting things have been happening with the music ministry KRTM Radio (FM 88.9) located at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta contacted me and said they wanted a CD so they could add some of the songs to their rotation.  When I met with Kelly, the Director of Operations for the station, she informed me that she had just finished previewing the CD and they were adding EIGHT songs to their rotation!!  The songs they will add are Apple of Your Eye, Glimpse, Be Glorified in Me, In the Secret Place, Kiss the Son, The Divine Dance, Nothing but the Blood, and Mercies Anew.  I am a blessed woman and am humbled by God’s grace and blessing.  Please tune in and listen!!


His Name is Nathan went out on the November 2007 S-Disc to over 400 reporting radio stations. An e-blast e-mail was also sent to over 1500 stations announcing that it was available to be added to the rotation for the stations.  After two weeks, it has moved from number 25 to number 23 on the IAA music chart and three radio stations have agreed to add it to their rotation.  One will add it in January (right to life month) and one just said today they would add it.  Those stations are WVPP-FM 97.9 in Beckley West Virginia, and 92.3 FM, 1060 AM KIJN Jesus Radio in Farwell, TX.  PelicanRadio.com in Miami, FL has already added it.  The day it was added, the station sent me this e-mail: 

I want you to know that I just played "His Name is Nathan". Since I added it, it has probably played three times. Internet radio listeners are notoriously silent. So it is rare that I get comments on songs. But I did want to share this with you.


The subject line was: His Name is Nathan


What a beautiful testimony!  Jesus came to save us!!   Tell her, I loved her song and I love her!  She has a beautiful voice and I pray that she uses her God-given talent to proclaim Jesus Christ's love and forgiveness!


Is God awesome or what?  What a blessing!  Continue to pray for this song and the people it will touch with God’s message of forgiveness and healing.  I will meet with LeAine Dehmer (the woman who wrote the words to the song) this Friday and will be gaining more insight into her testimony and how God is using her to minister to others.  Look for the poem His Name is Nathan on the website soon!


CRW magazine covered me as a featured artist in the November 15, 2007 issue.  I have attached a copy of the magazine for your perusal.  This magazine continues to publish announcements that His Name is Nathan is available for adds to radio stations.  This magazine goes to radio stations and artists all over the world! 


In October I had the privilege of leading worship (with Lenna Sanchez and Kristin McMillan) for the Hope Lutheran Women’s Retreat.  We had a blast ministering to our sisters in Christ and furthering our relationships with them.  Golden Preciado joined us Saturday night for a special time of worship.  Pam Farrell was the speaker and God used her to minister to hearts.  We were truly blessed to be a part of what God was doing as we learned it was TIME TO MOVE based on Hebrews 12:1. 


On October 20th, I was blessed to be a part of the worship team for the Women Sharing Christ conference A Passion for His Power.  Mary Sutherland was the speaker and what an amazing time we had breaking down chains and walls and releasing God’s power in our lives!  I was also privileged to share two songs from my CD, His Name is Nathan, and Hope of Heaven.  Monica Calles (co-author of Finish Line) was there and also blessed us with special music.  We had a beautiful time in Jesus that day! 


We are currently gearing up for the Women’s Christmas Celebration at Calvary Chapel Murrieta.  It is scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2007, at 9:00 a.m.  It would be awesome to see y’all there! 


Be watching the website as we will be adding a promotional DVD for viewing soon!


Let me know how I can pray for you.  If you haven’t added a comment or visited the site yet, please do so!  It is a source of encouragement to me!


Pray for the ministry as I would love to start recording some of the new songs God has blessed me with.  Prayer requests are:  a vision for the album and songs, time to work on it, finances to support it, and opportunity to share it with others.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!  May God richly bless you as you serve Him! 

August 28, 2007


 Please visit www.indieheaven.com Fan Faves chart to vote for Finish Line or go to Vote Now! Also, Take 12 Recovery Radio is playing His Name is Nathan, Apple of Your Eye, It's Your Quiet Love, and Hope of Heaven. KXBQ-LP (95.9 FM), "The Lighthouse", in North Dakota is playing Mercies Anew and Send Me. I was also contacted by someone producing a documentary who is interested in using some of my music for the film, details to follow...


This week in my quiet time, I came across a couple of verses that made me question whether I had done the same thing.  Psalm 106:12-13 says, “Then they believed His words; They sang His praise.  They soon forgot His works; They did not wait for His counsel.”  How many times has God’s silence on a subject or the lack of activity that can be seen in a matter discouraged me and caused me to move ahead of God.  Or worse, have bitterness toward Him in my heart. We are often critical of the Israelites because they were so prone to doing these types of things.  But, really, aren’t we the same way?  I think we must constantly be working at remembering God lest we forget Him and His works.  Sing His praises with a sincere heart.  Also, go back to your Jordan and pick up those stones as a remembrance for what He has already done in your life.  He has been faithful all along, right?  He has been there with you the whole time, correct?  Praise Him for what He has done and ask for the strength to wait on His counsel and direction in a matter.Then move forward with confidence!!!  As Beth Moore says in her series, Believing God,

As we begin really believing God and He rewards us with various revelations of Himself or His activity, God forbid that we’d grow casual in a few years and forget what we have seen.  When He appoints us to wait on Him in an important matter, God forbid that we’d return to our whining and complaining that He never does anything for us.  I still have so much to learn about believing God, but of two things I’m certain: God means to be noticed, and God means to be remembered.

Whoa!  That made me sit up and take notice.  I do exactly that.  Lord, please forgive me and help me to trust You more.  Help me to wait as you prepare to part my Jordan.  Help me to give You all praise and honor and glory both in the waiting and in the crossing over.  And, Lord, help me to share what you have done with my children, grandchildren, neighbors and anybody who will take the time to listen.  Amen.


Friends and Family, The Divine Dance climbed from 127 (I think) to number 9!!! Woo hoo, top 10!! THANK YOU for your votes! You can now start voting for It's Your Quiet Love by going to www.indieheaven.com and going over to the FanFaves section. Go clear to the bottom and you'll see it there!

Our God is so cool! Last night I had an opportunity to take my music to the secular world. My husband is manager of a radiology department for the outpatient department of a hospital in Orange County, CA. Every year they have a Summer Samba where local artists can display their artwork. This event was last night. This wasn't a gig where you could sell your merch, just have flyers/cards for people to take. You could talk to them, etc...I was invited to bring my music (because of my connections). There was a lot of spiritual warfare that surrounded my even being able to go . . . long story, but I rested in the Lord and He had the final say! So I was able to go! Not only that, but the day of the event, they called and asked if it would be alright if they played my music during the band's intermission! Uh, let me think about that: YES!!!

A couple of nights before, my husband said, think about what you want your table to look like. Well, it sounds simple, but I hadn't thought about it! So, on the way to work, I started meditating on that and lifting it up to the Lord and He started telling me what He wanted on my table! Long story short: my music table became a place of evangelism . . . amen?!!! I brought free bibles, tracts, Daily Breads (provided by my church, Calvary Chapel Murrieta). I printed up a "Personal Invitation" of how to accept Jesus. I also displayed my CD, the cover, CRW magazine, my picture, etc. We had two boom boxes with headphones so people could listen. When the band wasn't playing we unplugged the headphones and flooded the area with TRUTH!! The most popular item on my table was the prayer request box.

Highlights: I was able to pray with a woman who had a "stressful" day, and was able to speak to a security guard about where to start reading the bible and about Who Jesus is; many Christians stopped and were either edified or edified me too!!

I would say there were probably around 300-400 people milling about.

When I left there, I was on cloud 9! It was so not about my music, even though people were interested and took flyers and were very complimentary. It was about JESUS and reaching out to a hurting world!!

Jesus rocked at my gig last night!! Can I get an AMEN?!!!!

His Daughter Redeemed,
Sandi Simon
Ps. 27:4


Check out the S-Disc from CRW Magazine


His Name is Nathan has been selected to be part of the CRW I-Disc Comp CD, which goes out to over 400 reporting Christian Radio stations, record labels, and other industry people! It will hit the streets around June 18, 2007. Keith Mohr, president of IndieHeaven states, "I only invite artists I feel have something happening with their music. We want the very BEST songs from our members on the I-Disc." I am honored to have been asked to be a part of this project and am excited to see what God has in store. Please join me in prayer as I continue to seek God's will and blessing on my ministry. By the way, His Name is Nathan climbed from 193 to 11 on the Fan Faves chart----okay, I had a little help when about 90 songs fell off the chart for being on there more than 30 days, but it still moved pretty far up!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES.


Please visit www.indieheaven.com Fan Faves chart to vote for the next song I'm adding: The Divine Dance!!! Vote Now! If I had to pick one song from the CD that gets the most attention and comments, it is this one. I pray you enjoy it. Also check out Shannon Kubiak Primicerio's book The Divine Dance at www.beingagirlbooks.com. I heard her speak one night and was inspired to write this song. Remember to dance WITH your first Love, JESUS!!!

One more exciting piece of news, MCTMG Radio in Nashville, TN (currently playing It's Your Quiet Love, Kiss the Son, and Send Me) have contacted me to do an online interview. I'll keep you posted about the date as soon as we find one that's mutually agreeable.

Don't forget to listen to Finish Line, Mercies Anew and The Divine Dance on Soulkeeper Radio.

Lord bless and keep actively pursuing your call here on earth . . . our King's a comin'!!

I'm His Daughter Redeemed,